Meet The Team

Sherry Ward

Executive Producer

Founder and CEO of Square Tree Productions, Sherry Ward is a seasoned publisher with over ten years in publishing.

Her authors have been featured on numerous media outlets including: CNN, Fox News, the Dr. Drew Show, and the OC Register.

Square Tree Publishing has helped give authors a voice, from local state task force conferences to the United Nations.

As a film producer, and with over twenty years experience in the film industry, Sherry is uniquely qualified in production development and podcasting.

Sherry has also been featured on Good Morning America, The Home & Family Show, and media all over the world.

She is also executive producer of  Infinity System, a western Sci-Fi pilot to be released soon.

Angela Hughes

Executive Production Assistant

Historical epic fantasy author Angela R. Hughes believes in the power of storytelling. Her ambition to write stories that grip and inspire readers led her to study Celtic mythology and live for a time in Ireland, where she fell in love with the history and landscapes of “the Emerald Isle,” Wales, Scotland, and England. When she isn’t traveling or researching Arthurian legend, Angela is chatting with fellow fantasy nerds over coffee or spending time with her family at home in Waco, Texas.