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Infinity System

In Production

Together With Rogue LabsWolf Pack Entertainment

Meet Wayne, the lone survivor of a doomed starship wreck. He’s unsure what brought him here but he knows he’ll need to secure allies within a nearby town wrapped in mystery if he’s supposed to survive. But how did he get here? And why is he here? Along the ride, he’ll uncover truths he never wanted.

In the near future, humankind must leave a dying Earth and look to the stars for survival. But the job of colonizing a new world is a tricky one; it takes a certain kind of “hero”. And not everyone is up for that job.

Enter the Infinity System simulation: a state-of-the-art testing program for potential interstellar pioneers who possess an appetite for adventure.

In the Infinity System, the line between reality and simulation is dangerously thin… and not every participant knows when they’re out or when they’re in.